Affair Recovery

Affairs eliminate trust and rock the foundation of a marriage, throwing everyone into crisis. They fracture your view of reality and lead you to question everything about your history together. Guidance is needed at this time.

Approaching therapy after one partner has been unfaithful can be challenging and overwhelming. Healing IS POSSIBLE and a partnership can survive infidelity. Affair recovery enables you to restore your marriage and rebuild trust through transparency and vulnerability. Our therapists approach this therapy with a non-judgmental attitude in order for couples to not only repair their relationships, but to build something new and better.

Affair Therapy aims to:  

  • Address and de-escalate the initial crisis.

  • Develop a road map of the recovery process.

  • Help all parties with critical short, intermediate, and long-term decision-making.

  • Facilitate appropriate disclosure and boundary setting.

  • Assistance in repairing relational wounds, trust, and emotional connection.

  • Understanding causative factors related to the affair.