Trauma, Grief and Loss

Exposure to stressful or even cataclysmic events can generate anxiety along with feelings of sadness, loss, pain and regret. Trauma can come from any experience that is emotionally devastating. Childhood abuse or neglect, war, violence, natural disasters, or car accidents can threaten one’s emotional and physical well-being. Sometimes people experience trauma symptoms due to being in an emotionally or psychologically abusive relationship.  Many individuals recover over time, while others develop more profound symptoms. Studies show that when one encounters a traumatic event, symptoms can be treated effectively, even many years after the trauma has occurred. Our therapists have substantial experience treating trauma and we use cutting edge treatments, including EMDR trauma therapy, to alleviate trauma related symptoms.

Everyone experiences the pain of loss and grief at some time in their lives. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief is likely to be. Sometimes the grieving process becomes too much to manage on your own. This is when to seek counseling.

Individuals react to grief differently. Anxiety, guilt, behavioral symptoms and suffering occur. The goal is to heal and recover- a process that demands time and guidance. The grieving process requires courage, humility and a strong foundation of support in order for recovery to occur. Our therapists are trained to companion, encourage, and consel  individuals through this difficult time.