Divorce Therapy aims to:  

  • Help in understanding the normal phases of divorce recovery.

  • Address issues of grief, loss and anger.

  • Provide support as the actual relationship is ending.

  • Assistance in healing relational wounds.

  • Processing establishing boundaries and a new way of relating.

  • Supporting healthy coping.

  • Establishing a post-divorce parenting relationship (when relevant).

  • Establishing a new identity as a single adult.

  • Address issues of trust, intimacy and the possibility of establishing new relationships.

Divorce and Relationship Recovery

Rebuilding your life after a relationship ends is challenging. At Redimere, we understand the pain of losing an important relationship. Divorce and breakups are devastating life events and the more support you have, the easier it will be to rebuild your life. While the thought of rebuilding may seem paralyzing, it is possible.