Leadership training has exploded in the last 10 years. This fact recognizes the critical role leaders and leadership plays in any organization or society.

Most approaches view leadership as a set of competencies to be learned. The high incident of burnout, lack of satisfaction, and high profile leader failures is indicative that important elements are missing in faith based leadership development.

At The Redimere Group we view leadership influence as a developmental process which occurs over the life span of the leader.

The Redimere Group views “The Redemptive Leadership Model”™ as a primary template for articulating the developmental stages of leadership influence. This model focuses on the continued development of the person of the leader as primary in unleashing organizational impact.

Our Core Beliefs About Leadership

We believe organizational impact emanates from the influence of the senior leadership. Leaders must be actively involved in internal growth in order to maximize their external impact. The following is a statement of our core beliefs:

  • The heart of the leader directly impacts his or her ability to lead.

  • The heart of the leader and the senior leadership team sets the tone for the organizational culture.

  • The organizational culture is the way people experience the organization and impacts their commitment and productivity.

  • Healthy marriages, families, and relationships are essential to effective long term leadership influence.

Our Services

  • 360 Assessment – Gives an outside view of you, your team, and your organization.

  • Individual Development – This area involves the guided development of individual’s with significant potential for leadership influence but who may have limited experience in leading.

  • Leadership Intensives – Focused periods of intensive development of you as a leader. These periods involve understanding the shaping events of your life, processing areas of needed growth, and exploring the issues which may impede your growth as a leader. The focus of these times is on your development as a person and, if desired, your marriage and family relationships.

  • Retreats – These are special group events designed around developing teams and larger groups in their personal, spiritual, and leadership in order to unleash their redemptive influence.

  • Training- Provides skills, content and tools in order to develop you and your key leaders. This is often content and process oriented.

  • Coaching – Coaching is a more individualized and hands on approach to guiding, supporting, and implementing the tools and processes gaining in training to your specific situation. It is, in many ways, where the rubber hits the road in facing the situations in your leadership and organizational context. It is an effective leveraging of what you have learned into what you can specifically do.

  • Mentoring – Mentoring is a more holistic approach to developing you as a leader and person. The focus in mentoring is you, where the focus in coaching is on others and your organization. Depth Mentoring is often the one of the most growth producing experiences for us in our leadership development.

  • Organizational Development -Organizational Development is a natural extension of leadership development. As senior leaders develop their influence is felt in team effectiveness, organizational structure, and in creating a culture which aligns with the mission and values of the organization. We partner with senior leadership to intentionally facilitate this process.

  • Spiritual Formation -We believe the internal development of a leader is the most important investment an organization can. It adds value to the leader individually and spreads outward into their marriage, family, leadership team and into the organizations culture. We engage leaders in intentional internal development, sabbatical planning and in deepening their spiritual lives.